Environmental Policy

Here at Haddock Hideaway we live, work and play in the heart of the Peak District National Park.  As we enjoy our surroundings so much we would like to reduce our (and our guests) impact on the environment whilst sharing our home with others.  We are committed to minimizing environmental impacts wherever possible and are continually monitoring our policies and practices but if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them.



  • We avoid purchasing over packaged goods wherever possible.

  • Items are bought in bulk where possible. Usually from Out of Eden who recognizes their responsibility to manage environmental impact.

  • Goods are bought with minimal packaging where possible.

  • Majority of printing is done in draft mode to save ink and reduce cartridge waste.

  • Both sides of the paper are used for printing where possible.



  • Guest toiletries are refilled from bulk bottles.

  • Single use products are limited within the rooms.  We opt for reusable product and choose brands and designs we believe will last.



  • We use our brown bin to recycle glass, plastic (bottles, pots, tubs and trays) food tins, drink cans, foil, aerosols, cartons, paper and cardboard.

  • We use the green bin to recycle garden and plant waste.

  • Small electrical items are recycled through local council.

  • Waterswallows Household Waste Recycling Centre is used to recycle larger items. However, these are stored until we have a full load to reduced transportation impact.



  • Light bulbs have been converted to energy efficient models wherever possible.

  • Roof lights improve natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

  • Landings and corridors are fitted with ultra low energy lights for overnight lighting.

  • Insulation is fitted to loft spaces.

  • Double glazed panels have been fitted where possible, following listed building regulations.  Where single glazing has been used secondary double glazing has been installed matching the style of the building.

  • Thermostatic valves have been fitted to all radiators.

  • Radiators are regularly bled of air to improve the efficiency levels of central heating system.

  • Heating is operated by a programmable timer and is zoned.

  • Curtains are drawn, where possible to keep heat in.

  • Showers run off mains hot water tank rather than using electric showers.

  • White goods are selected based on their energy rating/efficiency.

  • Electrical items are switched off wherever possible (as opposed to leaving them on standby)



  • All toilets are dual/low flush

  • Leaks are dealt with promptly.

  • Low water products are selected for cleaning.